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Company Profile

Who Are We

Shanghai RAGGIE Power Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, production, sales, installation and operation of solar photovoltaic applications. we are based in yiwu, CHINA. our factory based in wenzhou ,CHINA, more than 17 yeas of solar experience,The company has a group of highly educated and experienced photovoltaic expert design team, which serves for consultation, design, system integration and one-stop photovoltaic system solutions of various solar energy application projects.

What products we can supply you

Our company mainly produces and sells household solar power generation systems, solar panels, portable solar independent power supply systems, solar  inverters, solar controllers, maintenance-free batteries, lithium battery,power supply etc various emergency power supplies and other products; the products produced by the company have the characteristics of high cost performance, green environmental protection, safety and reliability, easy maintenance, etc., and are widely used in civil, enterprises, roads and squares and power-free areas.

Corporate vision

In the wave of market competition, the company pays attention to every detail from products to services, the company adheres to the purpose of "I sincerely, for your confidence", constantly innovate, forge ahead, and is willing to work with new and old customers to contribute to the development of solar energy applications, and strive to create a green and pollution-free beautiful environment for human society,We aim to provide the green,energy-saving and safe electrical energy safety emergency products for global users..